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Plant Extracts

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Port: Zhengzhou, China
Production Capacity: 200t/Year
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Basic Info
  • Model NO.: Plant Extracts
  • Packaging Material: Plastic
  • Extraction Process: Physical
  • Raw Material: Plants
  • Extract Method: Water & Ethanol
  • Appearance: Light Yellow Powder
  • Preservative Status: Preservative Free
  • Pesticides: Negative
  • Bse/Tse Status: Bse/Tse Free
  • Transport Package: 25kgs/Drum, or as Customer′s Requirement
  • Origin: China
  • Certification: ISO, HACCP
  • Storage Method: Normal
  • Application: Beauty, Medicinal, Edible
  • Plant Extracts: Plant Extracts
  • Plant Part Used: Whole Herbs
  • Taste and Odor: Characteristic
  • Irradiated Status: Non-Irradiated
  • Gmo Status: Gmo Free
  • Trademark: Meiya
  • Specification: Extract Ratio or content
Product Description
An herbal extract is a liquid preparation of herbs using a solvent to release the active compounds from the plant material. The fresh or dried herbal material is macerated, placed in the solvent for a specific time and filtered to produce an extract containing the active constituents of the herb.

Single herbs may be used to produce an herbal extract. Multiple herbs with properties benefiting specific conditions are sometimes combined in the same extraction process to make a tincture. A more exacting method is to extract individual herbs then combine the extracts in precise proportions. A commercial herbal extract will have a ratio of solvent to herbs on the label. Standard methods of extraction use a one to four ratio of solvent to dried herbs and a one to one ratio of solvent to fresh herbs.

Increasing numbers of people are using herbal products to maintain overall well-being and address specific health issues. Herbal extracts are readily found along with herbal pills and capsules and are categorized as dietary supplements.

customer-centric innovative company that bring business value to customers by the core competencies of forefront information, immediate feedback and best quality with competitive prices. We have following natural herb extracts list for your reference:

Plant Extracts
Herbs Botanical Name Specification
Acacia RigidulaAcacia farnesiana (L.) Willd.10:1/15:1  Alkaloid 5%
Acai berry Powder Extract 5:1/10:1
Acerola Fruit Powder ExtractMalpighia punicifolia4:1, Vc 2% HPLC
Achyranthes Bidentata Bl. Extract  Achyranthes Bidentata Bl.5:1/10:1
Adhatoda Powder ExtractAdhatoda vasica5:1/10:1
African basil Powder ExtractOcimum gratissimum5:1/10:1
African Mango Powder ExtractIrvingia Gabonesis L.5:1/10:1
Agaric Polyporus Powder ExtractAgaric Polyporus umbellatus Polysaccharides 10%‐30% UV
Agaricus Blazei Powder ExtractAgaricus Blazei Murr.Polysaccharides 10%‐30% UV
Albizia Powder ExtractAlbizia lebbekoides5:1/10:1
Alfalfa Powder ExtractMedicago sativa L.10:1/20:1
Allium Sativum ExtractAllium SativumAllicin 0.5%‐5% HPLC
Aloe Vera Powder ExtractAloe vera L. var. chinensis (Haw.) BergAloin 20%‐70% HPLC
Aloes Resin Powder ExtractAloe barbadensis5:1/10:1
Amaranthus Spinosus Powder ExtractAmaranthus spinosus10:1/20:1
Andrographis Paniculata ExtractAndrographis paniculataAndrographolide 5%‐95% HPLC
Angelica Dahurica Powder Extract Angelica dahurica (Fisch) Benth. Et HooKImperatorin 6% HPLC
Angelica Powder ExtractAngelica Sinensis(Oliv.)Diels10:1,Ligustilide 1% HPLC
Angelica pubescentis Powder Extract Heracleum hemsleyanum Diels5:1/10:1
Anise Powder ExtractPimpinella anisum5:1/10:1
Apple Powder ExtractMalus pumila Mill.Polyphenols 70% UV /Phloretin 70% HPLC
Arnica Powder ExtractArnica montana5:1/10:1
Artichoke Powder Extract Cynara scolymus LCynarin 2%‐15% UV
Asparagus officinalis Powder ExtractAsparagus officinalis Linn.4:1/10:1
Astragalus Powder ExtractAstragalus Membranaceus(fisch)BgeAstragaloside 0.5%/Polysacchrides 20%‐70%
Atractylodes lancea Powder Extract  Atractylodes lancea (Thunb.) DC.5:1/10:1
Auricularia Polytricha Powder ExtractAuricularia polytrichaPolysaccharides 20% UV
Bacopa Powder ExtractBacopa monniera5:1/10:1
Baikal skullcap Powder ExtractScutellaria Baicalensis GeorgiBaicalin 30%‐90% HPLC
Bamboo Powder ExtractFolium Phyllostachys5:1/10:1
Baptisia Powder ExtractBaptisia tinctoria5:1/10:1
Basil Powder ExtractOcimum basilicum Linn.10:1/Ursolic Acid 2.5% HPLC
Bayberry Bark Powder ExtractMynica rubra ZuccMyricetin 80% HPLC
Bearberry Powder Extract Arctostaphylos uva ursiUrsolic Acid 
Berberis Vulgaris Powder ExtractBerberis Vulgaris5:1/10:1
Beta Vulgaris Powder ExtractBeta vulgaris Linn.20:1,Betaine Anhydrous 99% HPLC
Birch Tree Bark Powder ExtractBetula platyphylla Suk4:1,Betulinic Acid 
Bitter Apricot Powder ExtractArmeniaca amaraAmygdalin 50% 98%  EU/CP
Bitter Melon Powder ExtractMomordica charantia Linn.10:1,Charantin
Black ant Extract  10:1/20:1
Black Cohosh Powder ExtractCimicifuga Racemosa10:1,Triterpenoid Saponis
Black Cumin Powder Extract Nigella sativa5:1/10:1
Black Currant Powder Extract Ribes nigrum LAnthocyanidins 25% UV
Black Radish Seed Powder ExtractRaphanus sativus L.4:1/10:1
Black Soybean Hull Powder Extract Glycine max(L.)Merr.Anthocyanin 10% UV
Black Tea Powder ExtractCamellia sinensis (L.) O. Ktze.Theaflavins
Black Walnut Powder ExtractJuglans nigra5:1/10:1
Blueberry Leaf Powder Extract Chlorogenic Acid 20% HPLC
Blue Cohosh Powder ExtractCaulophyllum thalictroides5:1/10:1
Blue Flag Powder ExtractIris versicolor5:1/10:1
Blue Green Algae Powder Extract 10:1/20:1
Boneset Powder ExtractEupatorium peroliatum5:1/10:1
Boswelia Serrata Powder ExtractBoswellia Serrata L.Boswellia Acid
Boswellia Powder ExtractBoswellia carterii5:1/10:1
Brassaiopsis Glomerulata ExtractBrassaiopsis Glomerulata (Bl.) Regel10:1/20:1
Broccoli Powder ExtractBrassica oleracea var. italicaSulforophane
Brown Seaweed Powder ExtractLaminaria japonicaFucoidan 85% HPLC
Buchu Powder ExtractBarosma betulina5:1/10:1
Buddleja officinalis Powder ExtractBuddleia officinalis MaximAcacetin 2% HPLC
Bugleweed Powder ExtractLycopus virginicus10:1/20:1
Burdock Powder ExtractArctium lappa5:1/10:1
Burpleurum Powder ExtractBurpleurum falangula5:1/10:1
Butcher's broom Powder ExtractRuscus aculeatus5:1/10:1
Butterbur Powder ExtractPetasites japonicus5:1/10:1
Cactus Powder ExtractHoodia Gordonii 10:1/20:1
Calendula Powder ExtractCalendula officinalis L.10:1/20:1
Capsicum Powder ExtractCapsicum annuum Linn5:1/10:1
Cardamom Powder ExtractAmomum cardamomum L.5:1/10:1
Cascara Sagrada Powder ExtractRhamnus purshiana L.5:1/10:1
Cassia Nomame Powder ExtractCassia mimosoides L.Flavanols 8% UV
Cassia Twig Powder ExtractRamulus Cinnamomi5:1/10:1
Cat's Claw Powder ExtractRanunculus ternatus Thunb.10:1 / Alkaloids 3% UV
Catuaba Powdered Extractjuniperus brasiliensis10:1/20:1
Catnip Powder ExtractNepeta cataria10:1/20:1
California poppy Powder ExtractEschscholtzia californica5:1/10:1
Chokeberry Powder ExtractAronia Melanocarpa.Anthocyanin 10% 15% UV
Chamomile Powder ExtractMatricaria Chamomilla10:1/20:1
Chinese Thorowax Root ExtractBupleurum Falcatum5:1/10:1
Chaste Tree Fruit Powder ExtractVitex Agnus‐Castus L.10:1,Casticin 0.3% HPLC
Cherry Powder ExtractPrunus pseudocerasus Lindl.5:1/10:1
Chinense Gentian Powder ExtractGentiana Acaulis L.5:1/10:1
Chinese Corktree Powder ExtractPhellodendron amurense Rupr.10:1,Berberine 20% HPLC, Beta-Sisterol 2.5% HPLC
Chinese Fox‐Glove Root ExtractRehmannia glutinosa5:1/10:1
Chinese wolfberry Root Bark ExtractLycium barbarum L.5:1/10:1
Chlorophyll Powder Extract Chlorophyll 10%
Chorella Powder Extract 10:1/20:1
Chrysanthemum Powder ExtractDendranthema morifolium (Ramat.) Tzvel.6:1/12:1
Cinnamon Powder ExtractCinnamomum cassia Presl5:1/10:1
Cichorium Intybus Powder Extract Cichorium Intybus Linn.5:1/10:1
Cilantro Powder ExtractCoriandrum sativum Linn.10:1/20:1
Cili Powder ExtractRosa roxburghii Tratt.8:1, Vc 7% HPLC 
Cistanche Powder ExtractCistanche deserticola MaPolyphenol 15% 30% UV
Citrus Aurantium Powder ExtractCitrus aurantium Linn.Synephrine 4% ‐ 98% HPLC
Citrus Bioflavonoids 
Hesperidin 50% 90% 95% HPLC
Diosmin 90% HPLC
Mesperidin Methyl Chalcone 95%
Clove Powder Extract Eugenia carophyllata Thunb.6:1/10:1
Clivers Powder ExtractGalium aparine5:1/10:1
Cnidium Fruit Powder ExtractCnidium monnieri (L.) Cuss..10:1,Osthole 10%‐98% HPLC
Coleus Forskohlii Powder Extract Coleus forskohliiForskolin
Commelina Powder ExtractCommelina communis L.5:1/10:1
Common Anemarrhena ExtractAnemarrhena asphodeloides Bunge5:1/10:1
Common Curculigo Powder ExtractCurculigo orchioides Gaertn.5:1/10:1
Common Scouring Rush Herb ExtractEquisetum hyemale Linn.5:1/10:1
Commyphora myrrha Powder Extract Commiphoramyrrha Engl5:1/10:1
Comfrey Powder ExtractSymphytum officinaleShikonin 30%
Coprinus Comatus Powder Extract Coprinus ComatusPolysaccharides 10%‐30% UV
Cordyceps mycelium powderCordyceps sinensis100% Cordyceps mycelium powder 100 Mesh
Cordyceps Powder ExtractCordyceps sinensisPolysaccharides 10%‐30% UV
Coriolus Versicolor Powder Extract Trametes versicolorPolysaccharides 10%‐40% UV
Coltsfoot Powder ExtractTussilago farfara5:1/10:1
Couch grass Powder ExtractAgropyron repens5:1/10:1
Cramp bark Powder ExtractViburnum opulus5:1/10:1
Cranesbill Powder ExtractGeranium5:1/10:1
Crataeva Powder ExtractCrataeva nurvala5:1/10:1
Curcumin Powder Extract Curcuma longa Linn.Curcuminoids 80% 95% HPLC
Cynomorium Powder ExtractCynomorium songaricum Rupr.5:1/10:1
Dahurica Angelica Powder Extract Angelica dahurica (Fisch) Benth. Et HooK Imperatorin 6% HPLC
10:1,Phytosterols 25%
Dahurian Patinia Herb Powder ExtractPatrinia villosa Juss.5:1/10:1
Damiana Powder ExtractTurnera diffusa5:1/10:1
Dandelion Powder ExtractTaraxacum Officinale10:1,Flavones 5% UV
Dendrobium Nobile Powder ExtractDendrobium nobile10:1,Alkaloid 1%‐20%
Devil's Claw Powder ExtractHarpagophytum procumbens DC.4:1/20:1/10:1,Harpagoside 2.5% HPLC
Dill Powder ExtractAnethum graveolens5:1/10:1
Dimocarpus longan Powder ExtractDimocarpus longan Lour.5:1/10:1
Dodder Seed Powder Extract Cuscutae Semen5:1/10:1
Doggrass Powder ExtractCogongrass rhizome10:1/20:1
Dong Quai Powder ExtractAngelica sinensis (Oliv.)Diels10:1/20:1
Dragon Fruit Powder ExtractHypericum indorrum5:1/10:1
Dwarf Lilyturf Tuber Powder ExtractOphiopogon japonicus Linn.5:1/10:1
Echinacea Angustifolia Powder ExtractEchinacea Angustifolia5:1/10:1
Echinacea Purpurea Powder ExtractEchinacea PurpureaPolyphenols 4% UV
Elderberry Powder ExtractSambucus williamsii Hance.10:1,Anthocyanidins 5%‐25% UV
Flavonoids 5% UV
Elecampane Powder ExtractInula helenium5:1/10:1
Eucalyptus Leaves Powder ExtractEucalyptus globulus Labill.10:1/20:1
Eucommia Bark Powder ExtractEmbelia SubcoridceaChlorogenic Acid 25% HPLC
European Bilberry Powder ExtractVaccinium myrtillus LAnthocyanins 25% UV
European Royal Jelly  10‐HDA 5%
Euphorbia Powder ExtractEuphorbia hirta5:1/10:1
Evodia Powder ExtractEvodia rutaecarpa (Juss.) Benth.Evodiamine 5%‐98% HPLC
Eyebright Powder ExtractEuphrasia officinalis5:1/10:1
False unicorn Powder ExtractChamaelirium luteum5:1/10:1
Feather Cockscomb Seed Extract Celosia Seed Semen Celosiae5:1/10:1
Fennel Powder ExtractFoeniculum vulgare Mill.5:1/10:1
Fenugreek Seed Powder ExtractTrigonella Foenum Graecum LFenugreek saponins 50% 60% UV
4‐hydroxy‐L‐isoleucine 10% 20% HPLC
Feverfew Powder ExtractTanacetum parthenium5:1/10:1  Parthenolide 0.8% HPLC
Fig Powder ExtractFicus carica Linn.5:1/10:1
Figwort Powder ExtractScrophularia nodosa5:1/10:1
Flaxseeds Powder ExtractLinum usitatissimum Linn.5:1/10:1
Forsythia Capsule Powder ExtractForsythia suspensa (Thunb.) Vahl10:1/20:1
Fo-Ti Root Powder Extract(He Shou Wu)Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.10:1/20:1
Fourleef Ladybell Herb powder ExtractAdenophora stricta Miq.10:1/20:1
Fourstamen Stephania Powder ExtractStephania tetrandra S. Moore10:1/20:1
Fringe tree Powder ExtractChionanthus virginicus10:1/20:1
Fructus cornus officinalis ExtractCornus officinalis 10:1/20:1
Gaint Knotweed Powder ExtractPolygonum Cuspidatum Sieb.Resveratrol 5%‐99% HPLC
Galanga Resurrectionlily Rhizome Powder ExtractKaempferia galanga Linn.5:1/10:1
Reishi Powder ExtractGanoderma Lucidum 10:1 20:1 Reishi polysaccharides 10%‐30% UV
Reishi Spore PowderGanoderma Lucidum300 Mesh
Reishi Mycelium PowderGanoderma Lucidum80 Mesh
Garcinia Cambogia ExtractGarcinia CambodgiaHydroxycitric acid 60%,75%,90% HPLC
Garlic Powder ExtractAllium sativum L.5:1/10:1/20:1
Gentian Powder ExtractGentiana scabra Bunge5:1/10:1
Ginger powder extractZingiber Officinale Rosc.6:1 10:1 Gingerols 2.5%‐10% GC
Ginkgo biloba Powder ExtractGinkgo biloba Linn.5:1/10:1/20:1
24/6, Ginkgolic Acid 1ppm‐10ppm max, CP2010
24/6, Ginkgolic Acid 1ppm max, USP30
24/6, Ginkgolic Acid 5ppm max, DAB10
Ginseng Powder extractPanax Ginseng C.A. MeyerGinsenosides 5%‐80% UV/HPLC
Globe artichoke Powder ExtractCynara scolymus5:1/10:1
Glossy Privet Powder ExtractLigustrum Lucidum5:1/10:1
Goats rue Powder ExtractGalega officinalis5:1/10:1
Golden Rod Powder ExtractSolidago virgaurea5:1/10:1
Goldenseal Root Powder ExtractHydrastic canadensis L.10:1,Berberine 3%/alkaloids Titration 5%
Gotu Kola Powder ExtractCentella asiatica (Linn.) UrbanAsiaticoside10%‐60% HPLC
Total Triterpenes 30%‐80% HPLC
Madecassoside 50%‐90% HPLC
Grape Fruit Powder ExtractCitrus paradisi Macf.20:1 / Bioflavonoides 50% UV
Grape seed Powder ExtractVitis vinifera L.5:1/10:1/20:1
Proanthocyanidins(OPC) 95% UV
Gravel root Powder ExtractEupatorium purpureum5:1/10:1
Great Burdock Achene Powder ExtractArctium Lappa L.5:1/10:1
Green Coffee Bean Powder ExtractCoffea arabica Linn.Chlorogenic Acid 50% HPLC
Griffonia Simplicifolia Powder Extract Griffonia Simplicifolia5‐HTP 95% 98% 99% HPLC
Green Tea Powder ExtractCamellia sinensis (L.) O. Ktze.L‐theanine 10%‐40% HPLC 
EGCG 90%‐98% HPLC 
Tea Polyphenols 50%‐98% HPLC
Grindelia Powder ExtractGrindelia camporum5:1/10:1
Ground ivy Powder ExtractGlechoma hederacea5:1/10:1
Guarana Powder ExtractPaullina Cupana 
Guava Leaf Powder ExtractPsidium guajava Linn.5:1/10:1
Gymnema Sylvestrs Powder ExtractGymnema sylvestre (Retz.) Schult.5:1/10:1
Gymnemic Acid 25%
Gynostemma Pentaphyllum ExtractGynostemma pentaphyllum (Thunb.) MakGypenosides 40%, 80%, 90%, 98% UV
Hamamelis Powder Extract  5:1/10:1
Hawthorn  Powder ExtractCrataegus monogyna5:1/10:1
Hawthorne  Berry Powder ExtractCrataegus pinnatifida Bge.5:1/10:1
Hawthorne  Leaf Powder ExtractCrataegus pinnatifida Bge.Total Flavonoides 4.5%
Vitexin‐2"‐0‐rhamnoside 2%
Heartleaf Houttuynia Powder ExtractHouttuynia cordata Thunb.5:1/10:1
Heartsease Powder ExtractViola tricolor5:1/10:1
Helicidum Powder Extract Helicidum 95% HPLC
Hemidesmus Powder ExtractHemidesmus Indicicus5:1/10:1
Herba Erodii  Powder ExtractGeranium wilfordii Maxim.5‐Methyl‐7‐methoxyisoflavone 20% 35%
Hericium Erinaceus Powder ExtractHericium erinaceusPolysaccharides 30% UV
Hibiscus Powder Extract Hibiscus syriacus L.5:1/10:1
Holy Basil Powder ExtractOcimum sanctum10:1/20:1
Honeysuckle Flower Powder ExtractLoniceira Japonica Thunb.5:1/10:1
Hops Powder ExtractHumulus lupulus Linn10:1, Flavones 4%
Horny Goat Weed Powder ExtractEpimedium brevicornu Maxim.Icariin 1% ‐ 98% HPLC
Icariins 5% ‐ 60% HPLC
Horse Chestnut Powder ExtractAesculus hippocastanum Linn.10:1, Aescin 10% 20% UV
Horseradish Root Powder ExtractArmoracia rusticana20:1/10:1
Horsetail Powder Extract Equisetum arvense Linn.Silica 7% HPLC
Huperzia Serrate Powder ExtractHuperzia SerrateHuperzine‐A 1% ‐99% HPLC
Hydrangea Powder ExtractHydrangea arborescens5:1/10:1
Hyssop Powder ExtractHyssopus officinalis5:1/10:1
Indigowoad Leaf  Powder ExtractBaptisia Tinctoria5:1/10:1
Inula Powder ExtractInula racemosa5:1/10:1
Ivy Leaf Powder ExtractHedera Helix L.Hederagenin 10% 20% / Hederin 8% 
Jasmine Powder Extract Jasminum sambac (L.)Ait.5:1/10:1
Jobstears Seed Powder ExtractCoix lacryma‐jobi Linn.5:1/10:1
Jujube Seed Powder ExtractZizyphus jujuba MillJujubosides 2% HPLC
Juniper Powder ExtractJuniperus communis5:1/10:1
Kacip Fatimah Powdered ExtractLabisia pumila5:1/10:1
Kamut Grass Powder Extract 10:1/20:1
Kava Powder ExtractPiper Methysticum L.Kavalactones 5% ‐ 30% HPLC 
Kelp Powder ExtractLaminaria japonica AreschFucoxanthin 10% UV
Kelp Powder ExtractFucus vesiculosus10:1/20:1
Khella Powder ExtractAmmi visnaga5:1/10:1
Kiwifruit Powder ExtractActinidia chinensis Planch.Vitamin C 6%
Korean Red Ginseng Powder ExtractPanax Ginseng C.A. MeyerGinsenosides 4%‐40% HPLC /UV
Kudzu Root Powder ExtractPueraria Lobata(Willd.)Puerarin 40% HPLC / Isoflavones
Ladies Mantle Powder ExtractAlchemilla vulgaris5:1/10:1
Largehead Atractylodes Rhizome Powder ExtractAtractylodes macrocephala Koidz.15:1/10:1
Laurel Leaves Powder ExtractLaurus nobilis Linn.5:1/10:1
Lavender Powder ExtractLavandula angustifoia5:1/10:1
Lemon Balm Powder ExtractMelissa Officinalis Linn.10:1,Rosmarinic acid 5% HPLC
Lemon peel Powder ExtractCitrus limon (L.) Burm. F.Lemon Bioflavonoid  80% HPLC / Eriocitrin
Lesser Galangal Rhizoma Powder Extract Alpinia officinarum Hance5:1/10:1
Leuza Carthamodies Powder ExtractCyanotis arachnoidea C.B. Clarke20‐β‐Hydroxyecdysterone 50% 60% 95% HPLC
Licorice Powder ExtractRadix Glycyrrhizae5:1/10:1,Glyeyrrhizic Acid 8% HPL
Licorice Powder ExtractGlycyrrhiza glabra5:1/10:1
Lime flowers Powder ExtractTilia cordata5:1/10:1
Lobelia Powder ExtractLobelia inflata5:1/10:1
Loquat Leaf Powder ExtractEriobotrya japonica(Thunb.)Lindl.10:1,Polyphenols 12%, Ursolic Acid 25%
Lotus Leaf Powder ExtractNelumbo nucifera Gaertn..10:1,Nuciferine 2% UV,Flavones
Lung lichen Powder ExtractSticta pulmonaria5:1/10:1
Lutein Lutein 10%‐80%
Maca Root Powder ExtractLepidium Meyenii5:1/10:1/20:1,Macamides 40% HPLC
Magnolia Bark Powder ExtractMagnolia officinalis Rehd. et Wils.Honokiol + Magnolol 15%‐98% HPLC
Maitake Powder ExtractGrifola frondosaPolysaccharides 10%‐30% UV
Malt extract AmperFructus Hordei Germinatus.protein 6.5%, Reducing sugar 44.5% EBC Color 7‐21
Malt extract BlackFructus Hordei Germinatus.protein 6.5%, Reducing sugar 44.5% EBC Color 60‐80
Malt extract LightFructus Hordei Germinatus.protein 6.5%, Reducing sugar 44.5% EBC Color 7‐20
Mango Leaves Powder ExtractMangifera indica LMangiferin 25%‐80% HPLC
Mangosteen Powder ExtractGarcinia mangostana. L.Mangostins 40% / Alpha‐Mangostin
Manyflower Solomonseal Extract Polygonatum sibiricum Delar. ex Redoute5:1/10:1
Maritime pine Powder ExtractPinus pinaster5:1/10:1
Marigold Powder ExtractCalendula Officinalis10:1,Total Flavones 
Marigold Powder ExtractTagetes Erecta LZeaxanthin 10% 20% 40% HPLC
Marshmallow Powder ExtractAlthaea rosea (Linn.) Cavan.5:1/10:1
Maydis stigma Powder Extract Zea mays Linn.5:1/10:1
Meadowsweet Powder ExtractFilipendula ulmaria5:1/10:1
Mexican sarsaparilla Powdered ExtractSmilax medica10:1/20:1
Mexican valerian Powder ExtractValeriana edulis10:1/20:1
Milk Thistle Powder ExtractSilybum marianum (Linn.) Gaertn.Silymarin 80% UV
Mistletoe Powder Extract  Viscum coloratum (Kom.) Nakai10:1/20:1
Momordica Powder ExtractMomordica grosvenoriMogroside 80% ‐ 90% UV
Morinda officinalis Powder ExtractMorinda officinalis How5:1/10:1
Moringa Powder ExtractMoringa oleifera10:1/20:1
Motherwort Herb Powder Extract Leonurus artemisia (Lour.) 5:1/10:1
Mucuna Beans Powder ExtractMucuna pruriensL‐Dopa 15%‐40% HPLC
Mugwort Powder ExtractArtemisia vulgaris5:1/10:1
Muira Puama Powder ExtractPtychopetalum Olacoides10:1/20:1,Muirapuamine 1% HPLC
Mulberry Leaves Powder ExtractMorus alba Linn.10:1,1‐DNJ 0.5%‐2% HPLC
Mulberry Powder ExtractMorus alba Linn.Anthocyanin 25% UV
Mullein Powder ExtractVerbascum thapsus10:1/20:1
Naringin Powder Extract Naringin98% HPLC
Nettle Powder ExtractUrticafissa .E.PritZ30:1(3,4‐Divanillyltetrahydrofuran)
Oak bark Powder ExtractQuercus robur5:1/10:1
Oat Straw ExtractAvena sativa L.5:1/10:1
Olive Leaf Powder ExtractCanarium album (Lour.) Rauesch.Oleuropein 8%‐40% HPLC / Hydroxytyrosol
Olive Leaf Powder ExtractOlea europaea5:1/10:1
Onion Powder ExtractAllium cepa L.5:1/10:1
Orange Peel Powder Extract Citrus aurantium Linn.5:1/10:1
Oregon grap  Powder ExtractBerberis aquifolium5:1/10:1
Oregano Powder ExtractOriganum vulgare Linn.5:1/10:1
Oriental Water Plantain Powder ExtractAlisma plantago‐aquatica Linn.5:1/10:1
Oyster Mushroom Powder Extract Pleurotus ostreatusPolysaccharides 25% UV
Papaya Powder ExtractChaenomeles Lagenaria Koidz5:1/10:1
Parsley Powder ExtractPetroselinum hortens Hoffm5:1/10:1
Passiflora incarnata Powder ExtractPassiflora incarnata Flavones 4% ‐10% UV 
Pau D'Arco Powder ExtractTabebuia avellanedae5:1/10:1
Peanut Shell Powder ExtractArachis hypogaea L.Genistein 98% HPLC
Luteolin 98% HPLC
Pelargonium Powder ExtractPelargonium sidoides5:1/10:1
Peppermint Powder ExtractMenthae piperitae folium5:1/10:1
Perilla Powder ExtractPerilla frutescens (Linn.) Britt.10:1,Sclareol95%
Phaseolus Radiatus Powder Extract 5:1/10:1
Phyllanthus Powder ExtractPhyllanthus amarus5:1/10:1
Pilose Asiabell Powder ExtractCodonopsis pilosula (Franch.) 10:1,Tangshenoside 10% UV
Pine Bark Powder ExtractPinus massoniana Lamb.Proanthocyanin 95% UV
Pineapple Powder ExtractAnanas comosus(L.)Merr.5:1/10:1
Piper Nigrum Powder ExtractPiper nigrum Linn.Piperine 95% 98% HPLC
Plantain Powder ExtractPlantago Lanceolata L.10:1 Flavones
Plantain Seed Powder ExtractPlantago Psyllium5:1/10:1
Pleurisy Root Powder ExtractAsclepias tuberosa5:1/10:1
Plum Powder ExtractPrunus salicina Lindl.5:1/10:1
PodophyllumRhizoma podophylli emodipodophylin 50%
Policosanol Powder ExtractSaccharum officinarum Linn.Octacosanol
Polygonum aviculare Powder ExtractPolygonum aviculare Linn.5:1/10:1
Polymorpha Powder ExtractMarchantia polymorpha linn.5:1/10:1
Pomegranate Hull Powder ExtractPunica granatum L.Ellagic Acid 40% HPLC
Pomegranate Powder ExtractPunica granatum L.Punicalagins 20% 40% HPLC 
Poria Powder ExtractPoria cocos Wolff5:1,Polysaccharides 5% HPLC
Prickly ash Powder ExtractZanthoxylum clava‐herculis5:1/10:1
Primula Malacoides Powder Extract Primula malacoides Franch.5:1/10:1
Propolis Powder Propolis 60% HPLC, total flavonoid10% HPLC 
 Propolis 70% HPLC, total flavonoid14% HPLC 
 Total Flavonoid 50% UV
 Propolis 96%
Prunella Powder ExtractPrunella vulgaris Linn.10:1,Aqueous Extract
Psoralea Corylifolia Powder Extract Psoralea corylifolia Linn5:1/10:1
Pumpkin Seed Powder ExtractCucurbita Moschata Duch10:1 ,sitosterol 0.05% HPLC
Purslane Herb Powder ExtractPortulaca oleracea Linn.5:1/10:1
Pygeum africanum Powder ExtractPygeum africanum.L5:1, Phytosterols 2.5% HPLC
Radix bupleuri Powder Extract 5:1/10:1
Radix Isatis indigotica Powder Extract Isatis tinctoria L.5:1/10:1
Radix Tinosporea  5:1/10:1
Rauwolfia Canescens Powder ExtractRauwolfia Canescens5:1/10:1
Red Clover Powder ExtractTrifolium pratense Linn.Isoflavone 2.5% ‐40% HPLC
Red Peony Root Powder ExtractPaeonia veitchii Lynch5:1/10:1
Red Raspberry  Powder ExtractRubus idaeus Linn.Raspberry Ketone 15% ‐ 35%
Red Raspberry  Powder ExtractRubus idaeus Linn.5:1/10:1
Red Raspberry  Powder ExtractRubus idaeus Linn.Ellagic Acid 10%
Reed Root Powder ExtractPhragmites australis 10:1/20:1
Red yeast rice PowderMonascus purpureusMonacolins K 0.4%‐4% HPLC
Rehmanniae Powder ExtractRehmannia glutinosa5:1/10:1
Rhizoma Corydalis Powder Extract Corydalis yanhusuo 5:1/10:1
Rhodiola rosea Powder ExtractRhodiola rosea Linn.Salidroside 3% HPLC
Salidroside 1% ‐10% HPLC
Rosavins 1%‐5% HPLC
Rosavin 1%‐5% HPLC
Rhubarb Powder ExtractRheumPalmatum LEmodin 50% 98% HPLC
Anthroqinones 8% HPLC
Rice Bean Powder ExtractVigna umbellata (Thunb.) Ohwi et Ohashi5:1/10:1
Rice Bran Powder ExtractPerpolitiones oryzae10:1/20:1
Rosa Canina Fruit Powder ExtractRose Canina6:1,Vc 3% HPLC
Rosa Hip Powder ExtractRosa rugosa Thunb.10:1,Vitamin C 3%‐50% HPLC
Roselle Powder Extract Hibiscus sabdariffa Linn.4:1,Anthocyanidins 
Rosemary ExtractRosmarinus officinalisRosmarinic Acid 5% ‐ 20% HPLC
Carnosic Acid 5% ‐20%
Rubia Tincture Powder ExtractRubia cordifolia Linn.5:1/10:1
Safflower Powder ExtractCarthamus tinctorius Linn.10:1, Flavones 2%
Safflower Powder ExtractOxalis corymbosa DCFlavones 10%
Sage Powder ExtractSalvia Officinals Linn.5:1/10:1
Salvia miltiorrhiza Powder ExtractSalvia miltiorrhiza Bunge5:1/10:1
Sarsaparilla Powder ExtractSmilax china L.5:1/10:1
Saw Palmetto Fruit Powder ExtractSerenoa repens (Bartr.) SmallTotal Fatty Acids 25% ‐ 85% GC
Saxifraga Powder ExtractSaxifraga stolonifera Curt.5:1/10:1
Schisandra Berry Powder ExtractKadsura longipedunculata Finet et Gagne10:1, Schisandrins 2% UV
Schisandra chinensls  Powder Extract Schisandra chinensis(Turcz,)BaillSchisandrin 2%‐10% HPLC
Scrophularia Powder ExtractScrophularia ningpoensis Hemsl.5:1/10:1
Sea Buckthorn Powder ExtractHippophae rhamnoides Linn.10:1, Flavonol Glycosides 10%
Senega Powder ExtractPolygala tenuifolia Willd.5:1/10:1
Senna Leaf Powder ExtractCassia angustifolia Vahl10:1, Sennosides 6% UV
Sesame Powder ExtractSesamum indicum DC.Sesamin 10%‐98% HPLC
Sea moss Powder Extract 10:1/20:1
Shatavari Powder ExtractAsparagagus racemosus5:1/10:1
Sheep sorrel Powder ExtractRumex acetosella5:1/10:1
Shiitake Powder ExtractLentinula edodesPolysaccharides 10%‐30% UV
Siberian Cocklebur Fruit Powder ExtractXanthium strumarium L.5:1/10:1
Siberian Ginseng Powder ExtractEleutherocus SenticosusEleutheroside 0.8%‐3% HPLC
Sickle Senna Seed  Powder ExtractCassia tora Linn.5:1/10:1
Slippery Elm  Powder ExtractUlmus rubra5:1/10:1
Smoked Plum Powder ExtractArmeniaca mume Sieb.5:1/10:1
Sophora flavescens Root ExtractSophora flavescens Ait10:1, Sophocarpidine 98% HPLC
Soybean powder extractGlycine max (Linn.) Merr.Soy isoflavones 5%‐95% HPLC (Regular 40%,60%)
Spatholobus Stem Powder ExtractSpatholobus suberectus Dunn5:1/10:1
Spirulina Powder Protein 65%, KJeldahl Determination
Star Anise Powder ExtractIllicium verum Hook. f.10:1, Shikimic Acid 98% HPLC
Star Fruit Powder ExtractAverrhoa carambola Linn.5:1/10:1
Stevia Powder ExtractStevia rebaudiana(Bertoni)HemslStevioside 90% ‐98% HPLC
Total Glucoside 75%‐99% RA 40%‐99%
St John's Wort Powder ExtractHyperlcurn perforatum L.Hypericins 0.3% UV
Stone root Powder ExtractCollinsonia canadensis5:1/10:1
Strawberry Powder ExtractFragaria ananassa5:1/10:1
Sundew Powder ExtractDrosera rotundifolia5:1/10:1
Sweet Wormwood Powder ExtractArtemisia Annua L.10:1, Artemisinine 99% HPLC
Sympcocos Racenosa Powder ExtractSympcocos Racenosa Rooxb L.Triterpenes 10% 10:1
Tangerine Powder ExtractCitrus reticulata BancoHesperidin 90% HPLC
Flavones 90% UV 
Tangerine Peel Powder ExtractCitus reticulata BiancoNobiletin 98% HPLC
Terminalia arjuna Powder ExtractTerminalia arjuna5:1/10:1
Tatarian Aster Root Powder ExtractAster tataricus L. F.5:1/10:1
Thuja Powder ExtractThuja occidentalis5:1/10:1
Thyme Powder Extract Thymus vulgaris5:1/10:1
Tomato Powder Extract Lycopene 5%‐95% HPLC
Tongkat Ali Powder Extract Eurycoma Longifolia Jack100:1/200:1/10:1
Tribulus Terrestris Powder ExtractTribulus terrester Linn.Saponin 40%‐90% UV
Total Saponins 90%  Protodioscin 45%
True unicorn Powder ExtractAletris farinosa5:1/10:1
Tylophora Powder ExtractTylophora indica5:1/10:1
Valerian Root Powder ExtractValeriana officinalis Linn.Valerienic Acid 0.8% HPLC
Vinca Minor Powder ExtractVinca minor Linn5:1/10:1
Voacanga africana powder extractVoacanga africana StaphVinpocetine 98.5%‐101.2% HPLC
Watercress  Powder ExtractNasturtium officinale10:1/20:1
Watermelon  Seed Powder Extract 10:1/20:1
White fungus Powder ExtractTremella fuciformisPolysaccharides 10%‐30% UV
White kidney Bean Powder ExtractPhaseolus Vulgaris Linn.Phaseolin 1% HPLC / Phaseolamin 20% 40% UV
White Mustard Powder ExtractSinapis alba L.10:1, Polyphenols 8% UV
White peony root Powder ExtractPaeonia lactiflora Pall.5:1, Paeoniflorin 8‐20% 70% HPLC
White Willow Powder ExtractSalix alba Linn.Salicin 15%‐98% HPLC
Wild Plum Powder ExtractPrunus salicina Lindl.10:1/20:1
Wild Yam Powder ExtractDioscorea opposita Thunb.Diosgenine 6%‐20% HPLC
Witch Hazel Powder ExtractHammamelis virginiana10:1/20:1
Withania Powder ExtractWithania somnifera5:1/10:1
Wolfberry fruit Extract PowderLycium barbarum L.Polysaccharides 10% ‐ 40% UV
Wood Betony Powder ExtractStachys officinalis5:1/10:1
Wormwood Powder ExtractArtemisia absinihium L5:1/10:1
Yarrow Powder ExtractAchillea millefolium5:1/10:1
Yellow Dock Powder ExtractRumex crispus5:1/10:1
Yohimbe ExtractCorynante YohimbeYohimbine 8%
Yucca Powder ExtractYucca smalliana Fern.10:1, Saponin 10%‐ 60% UV
Zizyphus Powder ExtractZiziphus jujuba5:1/10:1
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